Saturday, September 27, 2008


Douchebags.  They're everywhere.  So tonight I thought I'd do a small pictorial tribute to them.  Now, I favor the Jersey douchebag - so those are who's being featured tonight.  But there are A LOT of varieties: plain, educated, nice.  I suppose the Jersey douchebag is a subset of the plain douchebag.  I'm not sure about that though.  I'll have to consult my local douchebag guy.  Anyway, here dey go... in no particular order:


A whole flock of them.  Here they confront their observers and display their bright plumage.

A little "how to" for all the kids out there aspiring to douchebaggery.

Douchebag defined.

The douchebaggery is strong with this one.

Larry, Curly, Vinny VonTanalot.

Yup.  All these dudes are voting... and procreating.  Sleep tight.  

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