Friday, September 26, 2008


Happy Friday you Fags.  All week I've been posting to help get us through this financial shit storm that's swirling all over us.  Tonight is no different.  It just happens to be a regular feature.  Tits ahoy!

Jillian Beyor is the righteous babe for this week.  She's your standard bikini model who was born in the north east but moved to Florida.  She had a brief stint on tv on the Beauty and the Geek tv show.  I think she was one of the beauties.  Whoopdefriggindo.  Oh, and she's also the Playboy Model of the Year in 2008.  Now we're cookin' with Crisco!  More boob-a-liscious pics of her here.

Bass Pale Ale is tonight's sudsy goodness.  I haven't had Bass in awhile so when I had it tonight I was pleasantly surprised.  It had a nice mild flavor and a smooth finish.  Big thumbs up for me.  Or maybe it was the exotic dancers that were rumping it up in front of me that made it so delicious.  I really can't remember.  But if you do try Bass I recommend having it with strippers... somehow strippers make everything better.  Beer Advocate rates Bass a B- ... "worthy."
Righteous tunage for tonight is "Enemy" by Madside.  They are a straight-up rock band from Redding, CA.  Another band with a disaffected album photo.  Everyone should tell these rock bands that trying to look tough has the exact opposite effect.  These guys looks tough.  BUT... Madside kicked out a nifty little ditty so... 

Ok Shitheels... this week of financial awfulness is over.  If you haven't already, crack a brew and brace for the next 7 days.  My bung is already at maximum pucker.  Stay strong.

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