Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The soundtrack is back Baby!  A few months ago I posted the first joint of compiled songs from my "Friday's Babe, Beer, and a Tune" posts.  You can see that post here.  Well, the righteous tunes have piled up and now I'm back with soundtrack #2.  Youbetcha!  I mean, all of the songs are so goddam good it fucks me up a little.  I'm listening to it now and I'm getting a wicked case of the jimmy legs and have a crazy urge to sear my nipples with my iron.  I know - a sure sign of good tunage.  There is a *bummer alert* however: iTunes didn't have three of the songs so they aren't listed on the official soundtrack.  They are:

Not having them on there is like leaving for vacation and forgetting one of your kids at home.  Goddam travesty.  If you click the songs above they'll like to my post of them but that won't get them on the iTunes soundtrack.  Balls across the nose! 
Anyway, here's soundtrack #2.  Just click one of the songs and it will open up the audio goodness in your iTunes player.  

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