Friday, October 10, 2008


Buckle in bitches.  Here we go again.

Tonight's babe is Holly Weber. She's a California girl who's been in a lot of tv shows and in the movie "Fast and Furious 4."  Nothing says 'I've fucking made it' like FF4.  Plus she's been in those Geiko caveman commercials.  So here's to you, Holly Weber, you lusty lusty wench.  More pics of her here.

The no-brainer beer of the week is Sam Adams Octoberfest.  This is an outstanding brew, rich and flavorful and... well... loving.  Yeah, I'm saying it.  It's a beer that will treat you right.  And how many beverages can you say that about?  I got my mouth on a bad orange juice a few days ago and it knocked my dick in the dirt.  But not Octoberfest.  It grabbed me by the taste buds and said, 'Hey Bud, let's party!'  Beer Advocate rates it a B ... "good."  If you ask me, that's like saying the Sistine Chapel is "nice."  Who are these dicks at BA??

Tune tonight is a cover of a Santana song, "Evil Ways."  The only difference is that Santana's version (the original) is super-gay.  The band above, Nonpoint, re-did it and made it sound like a fucking man.  Christ.  The version featured tonight makes you appreciate how much of a fag Santana really is.  Jeesus.  Weekend's here bitches.  Stay strong.

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