Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey, how do you know when a rock band is awesome?  When they fucking rock for 35 fucking years, that's how.  Oh, and when one of their founding members is named after a steak and wears little schoolboy outfits.  Myself, I've only been rocking the masses with my electric kazoo and monster wang for about 30 years, so I haven't reached "rock legend" status yet.  I guess I'll be living off the coke and groupies until then.  In the meantime, AC/DC will be sticking a brand new album right up your ass on October 20th - just 6 days!!   I mean, christ-a-gogo... there hasn't been a decent rock and roll album since they released their last album in 2000.  So here's the first single off the new album entitled "Rock 'n Roll Train."  Stay strong.


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