Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today is blog action day, which means everyone who writes a blog is supposed to cover a predetermined topic.  The topic for today's BAD is poverty.  So here's my two cents on poverty: it sucks ass.  Poverty equals no cable tv, crappy food, a shitty car, no cell phone minutes, uncomfortable mattresses, ugly dates, and stale beers.  But it's not so bad if you have a giant horn hanging off the front of your crotchal region and have the rugged good looks of a fighter pilot.  Seriously, a monster wang makes up for a lot with the ladies.  Anyway, back to poverty.  As a tribute to poverty I'm posting the next installment of the documentary, Freedom To Fascism - about that filthy whore called the Federal income tax.  Stay strong.


PS - Previous posts on it here.

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