Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey, remember a few days ago I put up a post outlining how the good old U. S. of A is circling the drain financially? Yeah. Well, today I saw how NBC copied me and did a story on it. Pfft... just reinforces my initial suspicions that I'm three days ahead of the curve. You're probably thinking, What's that supposed to mean? Two words: Pablo Escobar. Right out of high school I'd infiltrated his Medellin drug cartel on a dare. Anyway, long story short - if I had left just 3 days later than I did, I woulda been on a long car ride in the desert with his personal bodyguard Mr. Lemons... if you catch my drift. It's ironic though because we sure could use some of his drug money now. At the height of his power Escobar, or "Pabs" as I used to call him, was the seventh richest man in the world; with an estimated net worth of $25 billion. That's some serious cheese.

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