Friday, February 19, 2010


Ok, enough of the boring financial data of the past few days. We're going to start the weekend right. Here's the deal: a few years ago a comic came out entitled 'Kick-Ass' about a high school kid, with no power or special abilities whatsoever, who tries to become a superhero in real life. Sounds dumb but funny thing... the comic mixes in enough gratuitous violence and humor to be pretty cool. Fast forward to now. Someone in Hollywood actually made a movie based on it that's set to be released in April. And what's awesome is that it looks like they kept all the gratuitous violence in there. So that's a win. Plus, as a bonus, McLovin plays the character Red Mist. Another win. But I saved the best for last... Yeah, the greatest actor of our generation - Mr. Nicholas Cage - guest shots as the character Big Daddy. Maximum win! ... I got my grubby little hands on the latest international red-band trailer for you and posted it below. Yeah, you're welcome. ... So now that the weekend is here I want everyone to tap into their inner Nicholas Cage and have a kick ass weekend. Stay strong - Nicholas Cage Strong.

ps - I'd watch the preview in full-screen mode, just to maximize the kick-ass-ed-ness-ess.

pss - minor programming note - you can now reach this fucking outstanding web page with the simpler site address:

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Big Nose said...

I feel my ballz swelling, KICK-ASS!