Monday, February 22, 2010


Tom Green, for those of you who remember him; saw his career peak in the early 2000's. Since then he's kinda dropped off the face of the Earth. And let's face it, some of his work at the end there was pretty goddam awful (e.g., Freddy Got Fingered). But he had some high points along the way. For me, I think his best bit was done early on in his Mtv show....

Nowadays Tom films his show out of his living room, does some live tours, and maintains a web page (here). He still has flashes of brilliance though, which is why I still follow him. I mean, I don't want to miss another crap-on-the-microphone moment. My monk-like patience paid off recently when he had the rapper Xzibit on. What basically happened was that the white guy from Ontario, Canada made the black rapper from Detroit look stupid. Those of us from the street call it "dropping bombs." Tonight I'll be extending some of my street cred to all the loyal readers out there and give permission to use that term in your everyday lives. That's how we livin' here at WTCCTR. We be rollin'. They be hatin'. The end.

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