Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hey. It's Saturday. I'm tired. And I don't really care who I might offend. I mean, I'm usually sensitive as hell... charming too. Just ask my mother. This being said, I'm posting a funny picture of an angry retard and a crazy mash-up song of Lady Gaga and Metallica. Why? Because irate retards are funny and some mash-ups are cool. There. I said it. Yeah, I'm going to hell - especially if God is a big, fat, googley-eyed retard. Never thought of that, did ya?


PS - If you're into the whole mash-up thing, follow "Mixes & Mashups" on Facebook. Some dude cranks out about four a day, all of which you can download. No, no thanks are necessary. Your undying devotion is more than enough.

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