Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's time to mobilize the WTCCTR Army (that's you) for a mission of trivial proportions. The local paper here is hosting an on-line "Best Of..." poll for local goods and services; and, you guessed it, one of the categories is "Favorite Local Website." Well, I wanna pull off the upset. Right now the front runner is probably, which features dogs, people taking walks, recipes, and other normal random bland crapola which makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I'd like to usurp the title from fridaypuppy and let people know that sometimes, just sometimes, monkey porn, nirvana covers and midget lesbianism win out over orzo recipes and free t-shirts. So lace up your jack boots - here's your assignment:

1. go to THIS page and scroll half-way down the page.
2. click the box that says "Vote for Capital Region's Best."
3. you DON'T have to answer every question... skip forward until the progress bar at the top is at 75% complete.
4. you should be on the section that asks for your favorite local website.
5. enter this web address: WWW.WTCCTR.COM
6. tell a friend to repeat steps 1-5. I want to kill this thing.
I'll let you know the results as they become available. Listen... we pull this off... well, let me just say... the beer will flow like wine while spunky little nymphs cup our balls and whisper where we can find buried treasure. In the meantime, here's your combat pay for today.

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