Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Citizen Kane?  No.  It's a Wonderful Life?  Nah.  From Justin To Kelly?  Wrong again.  The best movie in the history of our squidgey little asses is The Big Lebowski by Joel and Ethan Cohn.  It's a warm-hearted tale of The Dude - a fairly lazy guy who really enjoys his days smoking spliffs and bowling.  That is, until some guys break into his apartment and piss on his carpet.  The rest of the film has him and his buddies (John Goodman as Walter and Steve Buscemi as Donny) tracking down a new rug.  I mean, shit, "it really tied the room together."  But instead of posting the trailer or some crappy clip... I posted the entire freaking thing!  Ha HA!  I mean, am I better than a roofie on prom night or what?!?  Seriously!  seriously.  **golf claps**

If you want to watch a few scenes that give you an idea of the insane awesomeness that is The Big Lebowski just forward to: 3:50m, 7:40m, 12:15m.  Otherwise, let it play... because every minute is like hug from Jesus.  Ok Buckos, silence those cell phones and strap in!


PS - If you want to see the larger version go here

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