Saturday, April 19, 2008


I don't know about you squirrely bastards, but I love violence.  Organized violence, that is.  And tonight is the UFC 83 on pay-per-view.  I'm not going to give a lecture explaining mixed martial arts except to say that it rates extremely high on the awesomeness index.  And tonight's main fight matches the rugged, athletic, gracious favorite - George St. Pierre - against the foul-mouthed, short, shit-sucking ghetto opponent - Matt Serra.  And I'd give my left testicle and most of both nipples to see Serra win.  Why?  Because pretty boys always win.  They always get the girl.  They always come out on top.  And any time someone can toss a turd in their eye or flick a booger on their face - that's the guy I'm rooting for.  

They fought once before and Serra won, believe it or not.  But tonight he's still the underdog.  No really good reason except that Serra is a monster turd.  So here's rooting for the turd!  You're my guy!  In fact, I fancy myself to be quite the turd.  
Anyway, below is a post of the *end* of their first fight.  It's like a hug from the baby jesus.  It is.

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Anonymous said...

dude you might be gay. not just homophobic call your freinds queer kinda gay...but really gay. that's way too many words, elegant, romantic words, describing your love for UFC!