Sunday, August 3, 2008


I've checked around and, as far as I can tell, the video featured tonight is authentic.  I had a hard time believing there was video in 1901 but it seems that there are several sources that all agree as to it's authenticity.  Anyway, it's a video taken by Thomas Edison himself of Albany, NY's Bravest on a box alarm (an alarm of fire).  In it, six engines, four hose carriages, two hook and ladders, two chemical engines, and a runabout containing the fire chief answer the call. Every engine has steam up and volumes of smoke are pouring from the stacks. The dolts in the crowd almost stumble out in front of the apparatus' as they pass - more interested in Edison's new fangled picture machine (video camera) than the gang of charging horses inches in front of them.  And what's with everyone in the past moving at an incredibly fast pace?  Does being in black and white make you a zippy little bastard or what?


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