Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ever have that sinking feeling?  You know, the feeling that things are going to get worse?  I don't know about you Bitches, but I have it.  Aside from the general malaise I have every time I fill up my car, or hear about the quarterly losses of Ford and GM - I just have this sense that everything is dicked... and I try to be a chipper fellow most of the time.  A few things I ran across today kind of reinforced my sinking feeling.  And since misery loves company I thought I'd pass them along to all you fantastic bastards.  Ready?

This little graph is what made me cream my drawers a little.  It shows how much money banks are borrowing from the Federal Reserve (click on graph for larger version).  As you can see, prior to 2008, the most cash banks had borrowed was about $10 billion in 1985.  Then there's that relaxing little spike in 2008 when banks had to borrow about $175 billion to cover all the bullshit loans they made.  Oh yeah, and all those grey stripes are recessions.  They seem to occur around or after the spikes in money loaned out to the banks.  Ok.  Moving on...
Then I see this article which made me so frustrated I started banging myself in my monster wang with a hard cover book.  It basically says that the Iraq government is going to have a $79 billion surplus by this years' end while we - the U.S. - have spent $42 billion in Iraq on reconstruction since 2003.  And the reason they have a surplus is due to ... WAIT FOR IT... the high gas prices! How cool is that for them huh?  I get 'shocked and awed' every time I fill up my car and all the bitches in Baghdad have new flying carpets to zip around on.  I'm going on record and calling bullshit. 
In an effort assuage all our pain and anger I'm going out with a luscious babe.  Stay strong.

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