Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm not a big video game guy.  It often takes time away from masturbating and drinking coffee, so I never really got into it.  Maybe a game based on fapping your horn that gives you a caffeine buzz might be more up my alley.  But I ran across this game yesterday that I ended up playing for 14 3/4 hours straight.  I was just now able to break away to eat and wash as I didn't even bother to make it to the can once that whole time.  That's right... I was so "into it" I let the lemoney and chocolatey goodness fill my drawers like I was a crazed octogenarian out to teach my home health aide a lesson in incontinence.  I mean, when you're on level 18 with 400 seconds left, you can't break for one measly turd or some silly squirt of piss.  You gotta have priorities.  Seriously.  So pull the blinds, call in to work, and tighten that belt on your arms' Bitches.  Welcome to Filler.


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1 comment:

Joe Pike said...

Ok, I made fun of your stupid ass twice. Now I just played that fucking game for 2 hrs. DAMN IT I HATE YOU!